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Design & 3D Services


We specialize in the creation of photorealistic 3D renderings that allow you to accurately visualize a potential living space.

Landscape Installation
Night Lighting
Decks, Arbors, Fences

Dream up what you will, it’s our job to ensure it can be done. Because we know that no comprehensive landscape design can be complete without expert installation.

Pools & Spas


Our many years experience designing pools, water features and spas have given us some really beautiful examples. We’d love to provide the same for you.

Stonework, Fireplaces & Pavers


Marty’s inspired designs often incorporate architectural foundations of all types of stone and are either softened, focused or adorned by plants that fit the design’s“story.”

Grading & Drainage

Have you ever experienced flooding in areas of your landscape or puddles after it rains? Good drainage involves proper grading of your yard. We at The Crafted Garden are experts in drainage issues.


We recognize that the quality of our work and the responsiveness of our team create a value to our customers. This value is what allows us to be a total concrete solutions provider, regardless of the size or difficulty of the projects. 

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