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The Crafted Garden is owned and operated by the husband and wife team,
Marty and Susan Mahrt, whose love story began as high school sweethearts, in 1980. The fathers of both Marty and Susan, while serving our country as officers in the United States Air Force, were stationed at Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. Their children were raised to value such standards as integrity, strength of character, and honor. These standards, along with their belief and faith in God, became the foundation of their life together.


After Marty’s graduation from Auburn University with a Bachelor’s degree in
Landscape Architecture, the couple established a successful business in Las Vegas, where they had many productive and rewarding years. The time spent so far from their dear families, their love of Auburn football , and the prospect of green pastures for their four horses, finally convinced them to sell their lucrative business in Nevada, and drew them back home to the southeast area.


In 2014, the Mahrts established The Crafted Garden, located in Chattanooga,
Tennessee. The key element that makes their business unique is that the principal
architect oversees all projects. Without practical construction, the design is only a
nice “picture”, so Marty is on site to maintain the integrity of the design, while form-fitting the design to your topography and views. Marty and Susan are committed to continuing their tradition of excellence in the field of landscape architectural

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