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POOLS & SPAS IN Chattanooga TN 

POOLS & SPAS IN Chattanooga TN 

You bought your home for a reason. You deserve to love the total environment. How to get there? That’s where we step in. After all, it’s more than just a lawn – it’s your landscape, your garden, your porch and home. Your ideas are step one. Let’s take them further and make them happen!

  • We imagine new ways to use old spaces

  • We fill in the blanks

  • We light up the night

  • We design a place for still water or rushing water

  • We find new ways to use old spaces

  • We plot the garden walk

  • We develop the pool for playing

The Crafted Garden provides design direction and an array of proven landscape features and elements to build on your strong foundation. You have the property, and you may have landscape and garden ideas. You need the next step. How do those ideas come to fruition? What will work best and what won’t for your landscape? Ideas are one thing – a design which can be implemented is another entirely! We work with you – take your concepts and build them to a working landscape design. Color, weathering, seasonality and of course, budget: All of these we take into account and build your best plan for going forward.

Have you noticed the trees nearby in autumn in Chattanooga, the flowers in spring? There is so much beauty and color available for your own home environment – for your own style and color. The most beautiful homes and landscapes catch your attention because the total environment is composed and complemented. Plants, stones, earth and materials have to all work together. We do it, do it right and can do it for you.

Our many years of experience designing landscapes, pools, and fountains have given us some truly beautiful landscape design examples and some very happy customers. We’d love to provide the same to you.

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