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Landcape Design in Chattanooga TN

Good design takes a critical eye and strong understanding of the materials for the design, their limitations and complementary potential. Installation, however, is a whole other, necessary stage for your landscape in Chattanooga! You may have the best vision ever for your home and surrounding landscape appearance – but can you be certain that it is executable? Or that it will work across all seasons? To best build a landscape, someone must do the building activity itself – and do it right! This is where we come in. We’ll make your landscape a vision come to life.

  • We re-purpose existing landscapes

  • We manage the project

  • We plant what grows

  • We fill unique spaces with unique plants

  • We create gardens both large and small

  • We place the stones and build the hardscape

Certain plants require more care than others and some plants may not grow as well in certain surroundings. A good installer knows this and knows when the landscape designs will actually perform and how to install them. Seasons, weather, timing and attention – all of these come into play.

The good landscape installation expert knows these like the back of his or her hands. A cactus and rock garden is going to be a very different installation than a full flower garden, obviously. So the dangerous alternative to quality professional landscape installation is to build something that just won’t work.

But landscape installation can be much more than mere marketing talking point. The topography of whole yards can be changed for the total surroundings’ appearance. Hills added or a creek, bridge or fountain where there were none previously. Dream up what you will, it’s our job to ensure it can be done. Because we know no comprehensive landscape design can be complete without expert installation. The Crafted Garden has created and installed gardens from small and intimate to entire estates.

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