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“Dear Marty and Susan, Our appreciation and delight surrounding our home here in Sun City Anthem only grows as we experience the different seasons. The hard part to relay in words is the creation of the design. It is a masterful presentation. Everything flows naturally as if nature itself came all dressed up to present its best in our yard. We constantly feel as if we are truly living in a beautiful garden, where the wind and changing skies add their words to keep alive the very special joy of a living work of art whose changing palette will always offer serenity and harmony to anyone who watches and listens. Marty, you have given us a great gift of your incredible genius. A living gift. We would be delighted to share the beauty with anyone you wish to refer.”

~ Yvonne and Jeff Brill


“Hi Susan and Marty, I was thinking about you today as I walked around my yard with a gardening friend, enjoying a chilly afternoon and anticipating spring. I was tickled to find you guys on line and that you are still sharing your talent in landscape architecture. I love the business name! The video made me smile when I heard you talk about your passion. I googled our house back in Vegas. The good bones you designed are still there. However, there is a lollipop-pruned shrub that just the thought of makes both of us cringe. I wonder if the landscaper's truck parked in front of the house belongs to the homeowner. The implementation of your design for our home here in Oklahoma does not do your expertise justice, but first-time visitors are amazed to find a "golf course" hidden in the woods. Sixteen years have seen a lot of plant material come and go, but your design (without ever having walked the site!) laid a foundation that has endured for all ages to enjoy. A couple of outdoor weddings have been held on the lawn. Our 10- and 14-year-old grandkids have played in the yard since they were babies. ("Over the bridge and through the woods to grandmother's house we go" is more than a song lyric in our family. The kids live on the other side of the creek.) The landscape has seen lots of birthday parties, barbecues, disc golf, bocce ball, bird watching. . . so many enjoyable times. Gary even enjoys mowing as long as an audio book is playing in the headphones! I could go on, but mostly I just wanted to say thank you.”

~ Carla & Gary Fitzgerald


“Dear Marty, with much respect and admiration for your talents, Marcia and I express our thanks to you and your hard-working employees for the beautiful environment you created in our backyard. Every day we sit in awe of the beautiful blend of spring blossoms. The lush landscape is truly a vision of serenity and joy within our home. I also appreciate the low maintenance it demands of my spare time. I was intrigued by the performance of your company. They worked so efficiently, each synchronized with the others as if a choreographed ballet. Magnificent efficiency and teamwork, such as expected from an assembly line, yet resulting in a beautiful landscape we shall enjoy for years to come.”

~ Maurice and Marcia Mayben


“Dear Marty, We are so very excited with the final backyard product. You were here all throughout the project to give us your advice and creative input. We put a lot of trust in your opinions and we were never disappointed. I almost feel we considered you to be our “exterior decorator”. I realized your creative talent immediately when you brought to the table your work in progress – projects and sketches. I was really able to appreciate it when you designed the sunken bar and barbecue exactly to our tastes and entertaining needs. All in all we are so happy with your services and wouldn’t hesitate to give you the most glowing recommendation to anyone. You go beyond professional, you are an artist and deliver a first rate product!”

~Michael and Susan Cane


“Dear Marty and Susan, It has been a year since your company finished the landscape plantings and cobblestone walkways of our home. I am so enjoying the lush, colorful and creative face lift you gave our property. Since meeting you many years ago, I have referred you to several of my clients who were building new homes, or who wanted to enhance their existing landscape. I want to thank you for completing those projects so beautifully, with the utmost creativity and ultimately making the clients so very pleased. As the interior designer, I always strive to select and install the finest furnishings for each client’s home with care and attention to all detail. As the landscape architect, so do you. I look forward to many new projects ahead where my clients are also your clients.”

~ Rhonda Staley, IIDA


“Dear Marty, Don and I wish to thank you for the beautiful landscaping and architectural design of the front and back yard area of our home. The front yard was transformed from a flat dirt lot into a natural oasis. Neighbors congregated there for several weeks after its initial completion, admiring the outcome. We are delighted to receive so many compliments, both then and on an on-going basis from others. I also have to mention what a treat we received at Halloween when even the children trick-or-treaters said how beautiful they thought our front yard was; (and this at a time when we had deliberately stayed home to ensure no one vandalized anything. How nice to know that even the kids appreciated our yard!). Thank you again for creating such a personally appealing and intimate environment. We feel it is a world all our own.”

~ Don and Laurette Barnak


“To Whom it May Concern, Don and Karen Sexton employed Marty Mahrt to design and landscape different homes. For more than eight years, Mr. Mahrt produced unique and personalized master plans, based on his unique insight, acquired over his years of experience in landscape architecture and pool design. Marty not only is the best at landscape architectural design that we have ever been associated with ( including houses discussed above, over a decade of property management experience and over ten years of HOA leadership), but he turns his concepts into reality. His designs stand out because of his unique capabilities and vision, but also because the finished products are flawless replications of each specific design and contain an infrastructure that will last for years.”

~ Karen and Don Sexton


“There is not a day that goes by that I don't get pleasure and enjoyment from the transformation that Marty did in our front yard!  I love to look at it, work in it, and, obviously, photograph it!! Thanks again and I hope you are both safe and healthy!"

~ Jaime Lacey


“So appreciative of the beautiful landscaping during this pandemic period.  Just bought a patio table to enjoy socially-distanced visits with my neighbors.  Your transformation of my soggy grass patch into an area of renewal and beauty is high on my daily thankfulness list. Hope you are both doing well."

~ Jennifer Weber

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